The Importance of Wheel Alignment

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Wheel alignment just means that the wheels are in the proper position to each other on your car. This alignment needs to be checked periodically to make sure it is right. What problems will improper alignment cause with the car?

Steering becomes Difficult

The car pulls from one side or the other side when the alignment is not right. You will find it quite difficult to steer the car in a straight line. This could cause you to take more time to drive to where you are going. It may cost you more in gas if this happens, and more wear and tear on your car.

Higher Risk of Accidents

You are at higher risk of having accidents when you difficulty steering your car for any reason. This is because you may not be able to maneuver your car out of the way of problems fast enough to prevent a collision. Proper alignment of your wheels is one way of preventing problems steering.

Tires Wear Unevenly

Tires wear unevenly when the alignment is out of whack. They should wear evenly across them under proper conditions. However, when the wheels are out of alignment with each other the tires wear unevenly to the extent that you may have to replace your tires more often. This could add up to great deal of money that you could save just by making sure the alignment is right at all times.

We provide wheel alignment as part of our service whenever you need it adjusted. It is a normal part of installing new tires or rotating them. Call us here at KC Auto Repair at 1-918-834-0665 to make an appointment today if you live in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.


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