Automotive air conditioner repair can really become an issue in Tulsa during the summer if everything is not working correctly.  Call us today to check your air conditioner out.  There are three basic components of an air conditioner.  Your compressor is the heart of the system and transfers and compresses refrigerant gas to let the heat out of the car.  Your condenser removes heat from the refrigerant and cools down the high-pressure gasses.  Lastly, the evaporator removes the heat from inside the car.

Some older cars may need to have the air conditioner recharged from time to time especially in the heat of summer in Tulsa.  This is a quick inexpensive service.  Another issue that sometimes occurs is water leaking from the AC condenser, which must be checked out as soon as you get a chance.  Dust can accumulate over time in the filter so that should be replaced every three months.  Call KC Auto today to service and maintain your air conditioner.


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Tyler M.

It was a pleasant surprise to be seen the same day I called. The fact that they called around for the best price was an added bonus. Because of their professional service, I was able to drive to around with no concerns. You may be assured that I will bring my car to them for future service and repair. Thank you so much!


I have been using K C Auto for about 5 years now and they have not only repaired my car but also have repaired some body damage that I desperately needed. Always a fair price and the owner Kelly is a pleasure to deal with.

Stan L.

Great service every time!


I have never received better service at any other car shops than I have at K C Auto and I will continue to be a loyal customer. 🙂


I had all my work on my Jeep done here and so far, everything has been affordable and thorough. My brother just got certified and I hope he works for a place this reputable. Also, they get you right in which is awesome.


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