Rely on the Best Car Mechanics

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Rely on the Best Car Mechanics

Finding an auto shop with knowledgeable car mechanics is as easy as asking about the mechanic’s credentials. KC Auto Repair Shop in Tulsa, for example, hires mechanics that are ASE certified. There are several programs in the Automotive Service Excellence program. Employees can specialize in areas like brake, engine or transmission repair. The coursework, though intensive, makes it easier for the person working on your car to identify the problem and determine the next step.

Cars are more sophisticated than they were in the past. The car’s computer triggers the “Check Engine” light when there is a problem with the fuel, ignition, or emission control system. Sometimes it is a sensor problem triggering the light, instead of an actual problem. The repair shop’s computer “talks” to the car computer and displays a code that indicates the problem.

You might notice things about your car when you look under the hood that should be referred to professional car mechanics, also referred to as technicians. Things to look for when checking the transmission fluid for an automatic transmission are its color (it should be reddish) and making sure it is at a safe level. Most car owners find it easier to have the fluid changed when they take the car in for scheduled maintenance.

Make sure the battery and connections are clean. Perform a spot check of the hoses to be sure they are strong and have no leaks. Check the oil. If it is dark and dirty, it is time to have the oil and filter changed. Call for an appointment with KC Auto Repair today at 918.834.0665.

Choosing Auto Repair Shops

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Choosing Auto Repair Shops

Anyone that owns a car understands that at some point it will need a tune up or service. It may be that it needs to have new plugs, or even a simple oil change. When you have to take your ride to be repaired, you want to have confidence in the mechanic that will be doing the work for you. There are a few steps you can take to be sure that your transportation repairs are being handled with care.

One thing to do is scout your area to find where Convenient auto repair shops are located. It is best to do this before you are in need of service, that way you are not rushed into hasty decisions.

Talking to neighbors, friends, co-workers, and family members may also provide a solid lead for a possible mechanic that will meet your requirements. This way you get an opinion from someone who has used the service. You can also refer to local organizations like the Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau for insight.

Check to be sure that the shop area is clean and well kept. This will say a great deal about the type of service your car will receive. It is an auto repair shop, so it may not be spotless, but it should be presentable.

You will want to be sure that the mechanic who will be working on your car is familiar with the vehicle. There are some shops that specialize for a certain make of automobile. The walls should display ASE and other specialized certifications of those that will be handling your machinery. A Blue Seal of Excellence is a welcome sign for professional service.

If you are in the Tulsa area, give K.C. Auto, Inc. a chance to earn your business. They have all the certifications, and are professional and courteous to all customers. Call today for an appointment at 918-834-0665. They may just be the auto repair shop you have been seeking!

Keep Your Car Running Smoothly with Professional Auto Repair

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Keep Your Car Running Smoothly with Professional Auto Repair

It’s surprising how frequently we drive past businesses on our way to and from work without ever recognizing their existence. If the car starts acting up while driving through Tulsa, each of us replays the images in our thoughts. Thinking about KC Auto Repair Shop just up the street leads to the happy news, “There are auto shops near me!”

The lack of space and tools at home so you can work on the car may lead you to ask “What auto shops near me are qualified to take care of this task?” A full-service repair shop includes oil changes and transmission service. KC Auto Repair ASE Certified technicians have these specialties and more, including brakes, manual or automatic transmissions, air conditioning units, and electrical systems.

The benefit of using one shop for all your automotive needs is that the business has a record of what’s been done and what type of service is due. The technicians are familiar with your car, making it easier for them to notice early warnings of trouble. Regular checkups and maintenance on the expensive parts of your car, like the engine and transmission, keep them in top condition.

Has your check engine light come on? Let their computer talk to the computer on your car for a status report that identifies the problem. Doing business with a reputable company dedicated to providing quality service saves car and truck owners money in the long run. Call KC Auto Repair to set up an appointment today at 918.834.0665.

The Importance of Acting Quickly When Your Car Needs Automotive Repairs

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The Importance of Acting Quickly When Your Car Needs Automotive Repairs

Is your engine making strange noises or running in an unusual manner? If it is doing either one, then act now to find out why! It is important to act quickly when these noises appear because they may point to the need forautomotive repairs. A car’s engine is supposed to run smoothly without a bunch of clicks, rattles, or equally strange noises. It should start quickly without any issues and should not have smoke coming from under the hood! Have a professional diagnose any issue that comes up so he can perform the correct automotive repairs before a more serious situation occurs.

At times, the only problem with your car is something as simple as an oil change or that it needs a new filter. A professional quickly solves this type of problem. The oil and filters need to be changed on a regular basis too, as part of routine maintenance on your car.

Other times, your vehicle could need a serious repair such as an entire motor replacement. This happens when there is too much wrong with the motor to make small repairs on individual parts in it. The ignition system is another important of the car that often needs attention. Your car will not start when this system malfunctions. Batteries, brakes, tires, air conditioning and more are other areas of a car that need proper maintenance and repair.

The only way to know for sure which part of your vehicle needs automotive repairs is to bring your car to us for the proper diagnosis of your issues. Then, our expert staff will quickly repair your issues so you can get back to enjoying your vehicle. Call us today at 1.918.834.0665 to set up an appointment to have your car examined by our expert staff.

How to Avoid Automobile Repairs

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How to Avoid Automobile Repairs

Automobile repairs can cause a great deal of stress in your life. While they may be unavoidable at times, there are some simple things you can do to help reduce the likelihood you’ll need them. All it takes is performing some simple maintenance on your vehicle.

A good place to start is with the oil in your vehicle. If you don’t routinely change your oil, it can become contaminated with slivers of metal and this will affect the efficient operation of your vehicle. Even the heat from the engine causes problems for your oil. Over time, the high temperatures will reduce its viscosity and eventually, your oil will become too thin and it will no longer provide your vehicle with proper protection, so parts begin to wear out faster. You need to change your oil every 3 months or every 3,000 miles.

Air filters should also be routinely replaced. When they become clogged with dirt and dust, they are no longer able to help your engine operate properly. In tine, this can reduce your gas mileage and cause your horsepower to go down. These filters should be changed every 5,000 miles.

Keeping up with your brake pads can help you reduce the risk of getting into an accident. Each time you have your oil changed, have them inspect the pads. This is the most effective way to determine if your brakes need to be replaced. Your brakes will also make a squeaking sound when they are getting low and some modern vehicles have warning lights to tell you it is time to change your brakes.

While these simple maintenance tips can help you reduce the need for automobile repairs, there still may come a time when they are necessary. If you do need repairs, call KC Auto Repair Shop at (918) 834-0665 and set up an appointment today.

Is it Time to Replace Your U Joints?

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Is it Time to Replace Your U Joints?

Universal joints or u joints as they are sometimes called are an essential part in your vehicle that connects to the drive shaft to the gear box transmission. There are generally warning signs before they give out. However, once the u joints break in the vehicle, the drive shaft will fall out and the vehicle will become inoperable.

Fortunately, this doesn’t happen overnight. There are signs that happen before u joints typically give out. For example, you will notice a loud banging or even clanging sound that will happen when the vehicle goes into gear. There may also be vibrations you feel throughout the floor board that ends up increasing over time, as the problem worsens.

If the drive shaft seems loose, there could be a problem. As a rule, you want to have your u-joints be tight and firm. If there is an increase in wiggle room, it might be time to consider switching the part out and avoiding a potential breakdown on the side of the road.

Perhaps the most important thing is to always know your vehicle and took a look at things when you determine that something is out of the ordinary. Then when there is a problem, take a moment to speak to the experts at KC Auto Repair. These professionals can help you to fix your vehicle and to get back on the road. Take a moment to call them today at (918) 834-0665.They can inspect the universal joints and replace them if necessary.

We Fix Rattles in Cars

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We Fix Rattles in Cars

You need to listen to your car, as the sounds it makes could signify problems. A car should not rattle for one thing! Rattling sounds are sign of problems somewhere in the engine or possibly other parts of it. Luckily, we fix rattles in cars!

Some rattles are just minor things such as loose bolts. Once the bolts are tightened, the sound should go away if this is all that wrong with your car. However, fan belts stretch over time and quit working as effectively as they need to in your car, and cause sounds to occur. New fan belts will take care of the sounds caused by worn-out ones.

Valves can rattle from time to time. At times, the valves themselves can be faulty, but low oil is another cause for valves to make funny noises. The engine oil needs to stay at the recommended level at all times to prevent this noise. Adding oil will many times fix this problem. However, if your oil has been low for too long, other repairs may be needed to remove rattling sounds.

You do not want to ignore any unusual sound that your care makes. Rattling, grinding, and squealing are all sounds of a car in distress in one area or the other. Ignoring your car’s sounds could lead to your car breaking down and not running at all for you. You need to seek out help immediately to ensure your vehicle keeps running smoothly.

Call us today because we fix rattles in cars along with other unpleasant noises! We provide a wide assortment of services for your vehicle ranging from oil changes to transmission service. Our well-trained technician will quickly diagnose and repair and issues with your car. You can reach us at 1-918-834-0665.

The Importance of Wheel Alignment

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The Importance of Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment just means that the wheels are in the proper position to each other on your car. This alignment needs to be checked periodically to make sure it is right. What problems will improper alignment cause with the car?

Steering becomes Difficult

The car pulls from one side or the other side when the alignment is not right. You will find it quite difficult to steer the car in a straight line. This could cause you to take more time to drive to where you are going. It may cost you more in gas if this happens, and more wear and tear on your car.

Higher Risk of Accidents

You are at higher risk of having accidents when you difficulty steering your car for any reason. This is because you may not be able to maneuver your car out of the way of problems fast enough to prevent a collision. Proper alignment of your wheels is one way of preventing problems steering.

Tires Wear Unevenly

Tires wear unevenly when the alignment is out of whack. They should wear evenly across them under proper conditions. However, when the wheels are out of alignment with each other the tires wear unevenly to the extent that you may have to replace your tires more often. This could add up to great deal of money that you could save just by making sure the alignment is right at all times.

We provide wheel alignment as part of our service whenever you need it adjusted. It is a normal part of installing new tires or rotating them. Call us here at KC Auto Repair at 1-918-834-0665 to make an appointment today if you live in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.

Make Sure You Get a Car Tune Up to Keep Your Engine Running Correctly

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Make Sure You Get a Car Tune Up to Keep Your Engine Running Correctly

Your car’s engine needs regular maintenance to keep working correctly on a daily basis. This maintenance should include periodic car tune ups, which not only help the engine keep running properly, but also could catch potential problems before they become severe. What is involved in the typical tune-up of a car?

Spark plugs and other parts of the ignition system are checked to make sure nothing needs replacing. Often times, during a tune-up new spark plugs are installed. These wear out over time.

Filters are involved in many areas of your car’s engine. They filter dirt out of the oil, gas, and even the air that travels throughout your engine. These filters become full of dirt to the point that they are no longer effective. The auto technicians will replace the old filters with new clean ones.

The belts that are connected to the various pulleys in the engine will stretch out over time and quit operating at peak efficiency. This could affect how your drive system and other parts of your engine operate. Luckily, these are normally checked anytime you have the car in for a tune-up to ensure they are replaced when needed.

Hoses carry coolant, engine oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, or transmission fluid to all necessary parts of the engine and other areas of the car depending on the fluids. All these fluids are checked during tune-up to ensure their levels are correct.

All cars vary in what they may need in the way of tune-ups today. Your car may or may not need all of what is mentioned above, but feel free to call us and schedule an appointment today for you car tune up needs. You can reach us at 1-918-834-0655.

Fixing Your Wheel Bearing

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Fixing Your Wheel Bearing

An essential part of the vehicle’s suspension, the wheel bearing can be found under the brake drum, rotor or the hub. Most people won’t bother checking the wheel bearing until something begins to go wrong with the vehicle. Often it is when they notice a humming, whirring noise or there is some kind of a drag they will check. While going to a mechanic is general a good idea, there are some steps you can take. Just note that every vehicle is different and may require additional steps.

  1. Park the vehicle on a level surface, never do work on a hill or slope.
  2. Place wheel chocks beneath the tires that you aren’t working on for safety.
  3. Loosen up lug nuts and set them aside.
  4. Raise the vehicle using a properly placed wheel jack.
  5. Unscrew the lug nuts and take off the wheel.
  6. Take off the brake caliper.
  7. Remove cotter pin, castle nut and the dust cover.
  8. Take off the rotor, remove the hub bolts and take off the old hub
  9. Remove races, clean the knuckle and install the new races with a new wheel bearing
  10. Reassemble the parts

As you can see the process is complicated and if you aren’t sure what you are doing, you can cause damage to the wheel. A better choice will be to call KC Auto Repair Shop at (918) 834-0665. Our team of professionals can ensure that your wheel bearing is fixed in no time and that it is reassemble so you can remain safe on the road.


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