Is it Time to Replace Your U Joints?

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Is it Time to Replace Your U Joints?

Universal joints or u joints as they are sometimes called are an essential part in your vehicle that connects to the drive shaft to the gear box transmission. There are generally warning signs before they give out. However, once the u joints break in the vehicle, the drive shaft will fall out and the vehicle will become inoperable.

Fortunately, this doesn’t happen overnight. There are signs that happen before u joints typically give out. For example, you will notice a loud banging or even clanging sound that will happen when the vehicle goes into gear. There may also be vibrations you feel throughout the floor board that ends up increasing over time, as the problem worsens.

If the drive shaft seems loose, there could be a problem. As a rule, you want to have your u-joints be tight and firm. If there is an increase in wiggle room, it might be time to consider switching the part out and avoiding a potential breakdown on the side of the road.

Perhaps the most important thing is to always know your vehicle and took a look at things when you determine that something is out of the ordinary. Then when there is a problem, take a moment to speak to the experts at KC Auto Repair. These professionals can help you to fix your vehicle and to get back on the road. Take a moment to call them today at (918) 834-0665.They can inspect the universal joints and replace them if necessary.

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