The Importance and Need of Oil Leak Repair in Jenks

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The Importance and Need of Oil Leak Repair in Jenks

Are you in need of oil leak repair in Jenks? It’s no big deal if your car leaks a bit of oil as it happens to everyone’s car. This is why you find oil stains in practically all parking lots! However you do need to know why your car leaks oil and you also need to frequently check its levels.

Oil leaks are generally based on leak size and location, engine oil capacity and the amount of driving you do every day. Regarding leak size and location, some leaks drip when the engine is running and others when it’s just parked. Similarly, the more you drive, the faster your engine oil is consumed and you need to change your engine oil.

Lastly, the engine oil capacity. If it’s a big engine of about 9 quarts of oil, oil drips won’t affect the oil level much. However if your engine is a smaller one, a few drops of oil can significantly affect your oil levels.

Prevention is always better

Whatever the circumstances, it is important your car’s engine oil levels are maintained at all times, and even the slightest leak shouldn’t be ignored. You may end up with a bigger or more expensive oil leak repair in Tulsa. Prevention is always better than cure, so if you manage to diagnose problems early, you can ward off larger repair expenses.

Generally, new cars do not use s much oil as the older ones. Moreover, these cars have the additional feature of a warning light on the dash which switches on when engine levels are low. However don’t completely rely on the warning light to know about your engine levels as there’s always the chance that it may not work as intended. The best way to check your engine oil level is with a dipstick, even if there’s no leak.

If you don’t’ have the time or patience to check your oil levels, it’s better to have professionals to do it for you. Just don’t ignore any oil leak repair and call up 918-834-0665 to setup an appointment.

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