Rely on the Best Car Mechanics

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Rely on the Best Car Mechanics

Finding an auto shop with knowledgeable car mechanics is as easy as asking about the mechanic’s credentials. KC Auto Repair Shop in Tulsa, for example, hires mechanics that are ASE certified. There are several programs in the Automotive Service Excellence program. Employees can specialize in areas like brake, engine or transmission repair. The coursework, though intensive, makes it easier for the person working on your car to identify the problem and determine the next step.

Cars are more sophisticated than they were in the past. The car’s computer triggers the “Check Engine” light when there is a problem with the fuel, ignition, or emission control system. Sometimes it is a sensor problem triggering the light, instead of an actual problem. The repair shop’s computer “talks” to the car computer and displays a code that indicates the problem.

You might notice things about your car when you look under the hood that should be referred to professional car mechanics, also referred to as technicians. Things to look for when checking the transmission fluid for an automatic transmission are its color (it should be reddish) and making sure it is at a safe level. Most car owners find it easier to have the fluid changed when they take the car in for scheduled maintenance.

Make sure the battery and connections are clean. Perform a spot check of the hoses to be sure they are strong and have no leaks. Check the oil. If it is dark and dirty, it is time to have the oil and filter changed. Call for an appointment with KC Auto Repair today at 918.834.0665.

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