Make Sure You Get a Car Tune Up to Keep Your Engine Running Correctly

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Make Sure You Get a Car Tune Up to Keep Your Engine Running Correctly

Your car’s engine needs regular maintenance to keep working correctly on a daily basis. This maintenance should include periodic car tune ups, which not only help the engine keep running properly, but also could catch potential problems before they become severe. What is involved in the typical tune-up of a car?

Spark plugs and other parts of the ignition system are checked to make sure nothing needs replacing. Often times, during a tune-up new spark plugs are installed. These wear out over time.

Filters are involved in many areas of your car’s engine. They filter dirt out of the oil, gas, and even the air that travels throughout your engine. These filters become full of dirt to the point that they are no longer effective. The auto technicians will replace the old filters with new clean ones.

The belts that are connected to the various pulleys in the engine will stretch out over time and quit operating at peak efficiency. This could affect how your drive system and other parts of your engine operate. Luckily, these are normally checked anytime you have the car in for a tune-up to ensure they are replaced when needed.

Hoses carry coolant, engine oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, or transmission fluid to all necessary parts of the engine and other areas of the car depending on the fluids. All these fluids are checked during tune-up to ensure their levels are correct.

All cars vary in what they may need in the way of tune-ups today. Your car may or may not need all of what is mentioned above, but feel free to call us and schedule an appointment today for you car tune up needs. You can reach us at 1-918-834-0655.

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