Local KC Auto Repair shops

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Local KC Auto Repair shops

Are you tired of being scammed by unscrupulous auto repair shops that are only out to make a quick buck and take advantage of you? Do you know how to pick out an experienced and credible auto mechanic without relying on the guidance of friends and family? If you are like most people you are probably fed up with going to less than reputable mechanics. You want to find local auto repair shops in the Tulsa area with mechanics that are knowledgeable, experienced and ethical.

KC Auto repair is a one stop auto repair shop that will suit your needs. Its auto technicians are all ASE certified, which means that you don’t have to worry about whether or not your car will be repaired in the right manner. An ASE certified mechanic is qualified to work on your car for his particular specialty. Mechanics can get certification in 40 different areas and all of KC Auto Repair’s mechanics are certified in at least one specialty such as brakes, electronics, and heating and air. As a matter of fact, KC Auto specializes in electrical repairs. So, you know that your car is being taken care of by professionals since each mechanic has an ASE certification.

In addition to having various ASE certifications, KC Repair also has accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. If you take your car to this repair company, you won’t have to wonder whether or not your car will get the right repair for the right price. You won’t get scammed or overcharged for unnecessary car repairs. Your car will be serviced by highly trained professionals who know how to take care of car repairs. Everything will be handled to your satisfaction. If you live in the Tulsa, OK area and need an experienced and certified car technician, then call KC Auto at (918) 834 0665.

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6105 East 21st Street, Tulsa, OK 74114 - 1.918.834.0665