Come to KC Auto Repair for Oil Change Midtown

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Come to KC Auto Repair for Oil Change Midtown

Oil lubricates the intricate parts of a vehicle’s engine to allow them to work correctly without unnecessary friction. However, over time, oil turns from its original color of honey brown to almost black. This is one sign that the car needs an oil change Midtown. In some cases, the engine parts start to grind against each other, which causes the engine to run louder than usual.

Our technicians here at KC Auto Repair will replace your oil, change the filter and perform a lube job on your vehicle if you are in the Tulsa area. We will use the appropriate grade oil to guarantee your vehicle’s engine will run optimally. The technicians also will check for any leaks in the system that could point to other issues beyond what an oil change can remedy.

It is important to note that the standard recommendation for periodic oil changes is every 3,000 to 6,000 miles. Following this recommendation will keep the vehicle’s engine running smoothly and efficiently. Keeping this schedule will prevent other issues from happening within the engine.

While you are at our location to receive an oil change, you can learn about our other services for vehicle care. We provide a wide assortment of vehicle repairs dealing with such parts as the electronic fuel injection system, the power windows and doors, and even the transmission, to name a few. KC guarantees all of our services no matter which one we perform on your vehicle.

Call us at 918.834.0665 today to set up an appointment for an oil change midtown or one of our other services. KC also offers towing for those times when you break down at cannot drive to our facilities at 6105 East 21st Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma 74114. We look forward to providing you a solution to any vehicle issues you have.

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