Check in for Tulsa Steering and Suspension Appointments

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Check in for Tulsa Steering and Suspension Appointments

Your vehicle is much more than a ride from one place to another. It carries family, friends and pets during any kind of weather that Mother Nature delivers to Tulsa. Avoiding a road hazard or hitting a pothole puts stress on its steering and suspension in Tulsa, although the results are seldom noticed right away.

Does your car or truck bounce or make loud noises as it goes over traffic control undulations or hits bumps in the road? That is a sign that the steering and suspension system probably needs a checkup. Other indicators include the car wandering towards either side of the road when you take your hands off the wheel and difficulty turning the car.

The easiest way to find an auto repair shop with mechanics qualified to work on the lower parts of your car is to review experience and qualifications. Check for certificates from professional training programs such as the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) program. Ask if the work is done at the shop or referred elsewhere. KC Auto Repair Shop has the experience for needed to evaluate your vehicle, determine what’s wrong, and make it right!

That’s particularly important with suspension and steering. It’s what helps the tires grip the road while traveling down the road. In addition to proper alignment, the system prevents wandering wheels that drift from side to side instead of the direction you intend them to go.

Suspension takes the abuse when tires hit bumps and dips. Parts can break or wear out and you may not even notice until the ride becomes noticeably uncomfortable. The solution may be as simple as adding power steering fluid or having the car aligned. In some cases, the leaf spring or shocks may need repaired or replaced. Call today to set up an appointment to have the undercarriage checked on your car by calling KC Auto Repair at 918-834-0665.


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